Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Icheon Korean Restaurant

I got interested in everything Korean when i got addicted to K-pop, so now I'm into Korean foods too. haha. carrying on...

Icheon Restaurant is a Korean Restaurant located at 256 Sumulong Hi-way in Antipolo City, Philippines. They open at around 11am, I think, and close around 10pm.

Every time I'd pass by this restaurant, it's always packed with diners, and I can tell why. They have really yummy food. This was the second time I went there. I went with two of my friends and my sister.

They serve numerous kinds of side dishes, and their food serving is huge! so spending P250+ on
one dish is really worth it.

Icheon Restaurant Facade
Taken around 9pm, nearing their closing time.

some of their complimentary side dishes

Two of my favorite side dishes:

Cabbage Kimchi

Sweet and Spicy Pusit
the first side dish that always disappear at the table.

And now, on to the main dishes. we ordered six dishes that night, which was a bit too many, coz as I've said, the servings were huge. One serving is good for 3-4 persons already. But we got to take home the left overs so, it really wasn't wasted.

Bi Bim Bap - Php250
(Rice with beef, veggies, egg and spicy sauce)

Jjam-ppong - Php250
(Spicy hot noodle soup with seafood and veggies)

Raw Beef meat

Sesame leaves and Lettuce
twas my first time tasting the sesame leaves. it tasted kinda odd.

Ju Mul Ruk - Php400
(Grilled seasoned meat with sauce)
grilled on our table.

O-Jing-ou Somyun - Php600
(Squid with noodles and spicy sauce)
we got a shock when this dish was served, it was really large!
the serving is good for 8 people. This tasted really good.

Kogi Mandoo - Php400
(Meat Disum)

Kimbap - Php300
(Korean Sushi roll)
yummy too!

We didn't order any drinks and just had water instead. Their drinks selection was few, just soft drinks, juices, ginseng tea and the rest were Korean wines/liquor.
I also took pictures of their menu, and i might post it in my next entries if any of you guys would need it.

Till my next post, ciao! +J


  1. Hi J! What a feast of Korean dishes! I love chap chae and the bibimbop (sushi type) and especially the free appetizers (soo much selections, right?)really yummy! I used to have a fave resto in Makati, it was located at the back of Makati Ave., but when I tried going there a months back, they closed already. Thanks for sharing,I'll be sure to check this place out when I'm in the area! - Mar

  2. I'm heading over there in a bit! Just checking out reviews and making sure it's a good resto since me and bf are korean food fanatics! Thanks for the review!

    1. Hello, just thought you should know.. they already changed their name to GA MI JUNG as the ownership changed. The food's still good, but they downsized the servings a little... :)

    2. Any idea if this is related to a Korean restaurant near Don Antonio, QC? It's called Mi Ga Jung and this Korean restaurant is one of my favorites.